Scar Management
All surgery will leave some scarring and various intervention options and self-management can help to improve the scar healing
LymphaTouch is a helpful tool to aid in the recovery of scars by lifting the fascia and adhesions that can occur as healing progresses. It can help reduce and improve the feel of the scar long term.
Taping & Massage
Tape can be applied to the scar area to help it to heal, flatten and fade over time. Massage can help re-align and break down collagen fibres and increase the flexibility of the tissue
LymphaTouch Scar

LymphaTouch® for Scar Management

A scar is similar to an iceberg, where we can see a small part on water surface, but know there is a lot more underneath.    Likewise, scar tissue may have spread and attached itself to other structures beneath the surface of the skin. Because negative pressure lifts the tissues vertically, the tissues underneath the skin are given a chance to stretch any adhesions that may be restricting movement. 

To prevent scar tissue formation LymphaTouch® improves the oxidation and lymphatic circulation of the treated area.   It also helps to loosen adhesions and improves the functionality of the joint by increasing range of motion.


LymphaTouch® for Rehabilitation after Surgery

LymphaTouch®-treatment supports the rehabilitation process in orthopedic patients towards active recovery by reducing swelling and pain at the operation site and hence, making the rehabilitation process faster and more efficient. Activating the lymphatic system before the operation also supports postoperative recovery by reducing postoperative swelling and hematomas.

LymphaTouch® offers an efficient and convenient treatment approach for hip and knee replacement patients, dislocation injuries and other acute traumas like fractures.